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LG LCD Video Wall
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65 "ultra narrow edge lg seamless splicing screen monitoring large screen TV wal


LG LCD splicing screen | | lg splicing screen KAWDEN
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Product description

1. Lg65 inch LCD splicing screen features

The 65 inch seamless splicing screen adopts industrial grade DID LCD screen and the most advanced intensive LED light source backlight system. The backlight has good color reproduction, vivid images, ultra dense distribution of dots, and even backlight brightness. The use of high-volume electronic components and unique intelligent color correction technology make the color more beautiful and natural. Advanced UV2A liquid crystal layout technology is adopted: bright field, energy saving, ultra-high light efficiency, and no light leakage in dark field The ultra-high contrast 6ms response speed makes the image smoother. Energy saving, environmental protection, radiation free, long service life, uniform brightness for long-term use, glass free backlight, safe transportation, solid panel shell material, not easy to damage. The LCD display unit adopts the most advanced backlight technology, which greatly improves the overall display effect of the splicing unit and has outstanding technical characteristics.

2. 65 "lg LCD splicing screen function

The 65 inch ultra narrow edge LCD splicing screen can be used as a display alone or spliced into a large screen. According to different use needs, it can realize the functions of variable large screen: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing, vertical screen display, image frame can be compensated or covered, support roaming, zooming stretching, cross screen display of digital signals, setting and operation of various display plans, and real-time processing of full HD signals.

3. Application of 65 inch lg LCD splicing screen

65 inch seamless splicing screen, with grand picture, bright color, high definition, strong visual impact, has a good display, demonstration, advertising, publicity effect; Easy to install without space limitation. The 65 inch LCD splicing screen is widely used in: video monitoring, traffic control, security monitoring, national defense, stage entertainment, television studio, stock securities, large exhibitions, shopping malls, banks, office halls, corporate welcome screens, specialty stores, dispatching command, etc.

Technical Parameters
Specification and model KD-zz6528dx
Panel size
65 inch LCD splicing screen
Butt joint
less than 2.8mm
Display Area
display mode
Liquid crystal type
Maximum resolution
Display color
Point spacing(mm) 0.0.63(H)*0.63(V)
Brightness(nits) 500cd/㎡
contrast ratio
Angle of view (up/down/left/right)
response time
Field frequency
Composite video input
5-way BNC(BNC*5)input
Composite video output
2-way BNC (BNC * 2) output, connected to video equipment, etc
Serial port control/RS232 input
1-way RS232-RJ45(568B)input
Serial port control/RS232 output
1-way RS232-RJ45(568B)output
VGA input 1-way D-SUB VGA input
HDMI 1-way HDMI input
DVI 1-way DVI input
Color system
PAL/NTSC/automatic recognition
Compatible HD TV input
3D comb filtering
noise reduction
Menu language (optional)
Power Supply
Maximum power loss
Standby power loss
Cooling system
Ultra quiet dual fan cooling, with temperature control function
Casing material
Strong metal casing
Body size (length × High)
Package size
Installation method
Cabinet/wall mounted/suspended
Packaging accessories

Wall bracket, power cord, remote controller, 232 to RJ45 serial port connector, mounting screw (M6 * 20),

 software manual, warranty card, certificate of conformity

Consulting Service
Users in the course of any problems encountered, can call the free consultation Tel: 0755-21042483 Advisory
Replacement Service
Replacement period of the product, if there is indeed due to factory quality problems caused by the reasons, the user can go to the dealer free of charge.
Warranty Service
Warranty period of the product, if a quality problem, can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service.
Maintenance Service
Maintenance period of the product, if a quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or commissioned by the dealer for repair services.
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